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Our Process

We have spent many years refining the process that delivers results.

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Product Scope

Its an intensive structured process designed to kickstart your project. It starts with an immersive focus session where we’ll sit down you to dive into your product vision from a business standpoint. Then we'll create the right list of user stories for your Minimum Viable Product, ensuring you have all the vital features you need to go to market and test your main assumptions.

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The design brief starts with a product scope - either created by us or provided by you - with all the user stories, UX personas or list of features and stakeholder analysis. Then we start by creating the most important screens for your product. Once you are happy and approve the Key Screens we extend the design to the remaining screens and deliver the full product UX/UI.

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MVP Builder

We use a structured process to build your MVP quickly and on budget. Our product experts will streamline your MVP to the most important features. Then, our top talent UX/UI and development teams will design and build your MVP from the ground up. This allows you to rapidly launch, prove the product’s main assumptions so your business can grow as soon as possible.

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Dedicated Team

Handpicked Frontend & Fullstack software developers perfectly tailored to your needs. Our high-performance frontend and fullstack specialists provide the expertise you need to deliver solutions using key cutting edge performance technologies such as Angular & React; Node.js & Python.


Full-Stack Apps

We build full stack web applications. From setting and deploying clusters, configuring templates, managing databases, developing & deploying the backend and frontend applications, adding micro services & connecting them to full end to end testing

Data-Intensive Apps

Talk to us if your application requires real-time transactions (eg. bidding or high volume on-line purchases) or if you cannot afford to have your data tampered in any way or if your information has a lot of timestamps (eg. IoT)

Artificial Intelligence

We build machine cloud assisted learning models for the browser (lightweight) and for the backend (heavy processing) and deploy them on cloud infrastructure: when your needs are quite specific and you require a tailored solution to analyze and extract predictions from your data.